Wednesday, May 20, 2015

UK: Galloway says New York-Tel Aviv axis of evil controls parliament and media

And all this because his Muslim Pakistani assistant reported him to the authorities.

Can we now say that he's antisemitic?

Via Jewish News:
George Galloway had been referred to the police, the parliamentary standards watchdog has revealed, after he was reported by a former parliamentary assistant Aisha Ali Khan to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

The report, made earlier this year, claims that she spent more time running personal errands for him than on official work.


In a press release by the former MP, he claimed that “This is mendacious attempt by an embittered former employee and criminal to smear me in an attempt to damage my future political plans.. won’t succeed and at the end of it I hope and trust that there will be legal consequences for all of those involved in this plot.”

The statement continued: “Her lawyers, based in Israel, have apparently now complained to the IPSA. These Tel Aviv lawyers are clearly acting for the bankrupt Khan pro bono. IPSA, without asking me a single question or informing me of the details of the complaint so that I could could answer them, have referred it to the police, with whom I will fully co-operate.“

He later tweeted: “It’s an outrage that a New York- Tel Aviv axis of evil can have parliament and media dancing to their tune. No paper will report these facts“  more

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