Thursday, May 14, 2015

Greece: Food Authority candidate upholds Zionist conspiracy theories

Via Enikos (h/t Watch: Antisemitism in Europe):
A number of colourful opinions expressed through social media have doomed the candidacy of Fotini Athanassopoulou for the Vice-Presidency of Greece's Food Authority EFET.

Athanassopoulou, who, according to opposition MPs, had endorsed opinions such as that the European Union's General Food Law (Codex Alimentarius) "is a plan by the international zionist group to control society" withdrew her candidacy, complaining that the MPs should have considered her CV, "one of the best in Greece" and not "on some opinions I wrote about in peresonal web sites."

Athanassopoulou, a former candidate MP with populist/nationalist Independent Greeks, the junior government partners, also endorsed an urban myth that mysterious planes have been spraying the Greek people with chemicals, a Greek version of the so-called Chemtrails, or chemical and biological agents allegedly sprayed by governmets to control the people. The opposition MPs revealed Athanassopoulou's Internet postings, including a link to a conspiracy article with her commen, "they are murdering us from the sky!" and a post claimking that, since the new Greek g9overnment took office, the sprayings had stopped.

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