Sunday, May 17, 2015

Netherlands: Sports-fans can insult Jews with impunity

Via DutchNews:
The public prosecution department will not take any action against FC Groningen supporters for chanting about Jews during Wednesday night’s celebrations for the club’s KNVB Cup win.

RTL news reported earlier on Thursday that the department was looking at the text ‘En wie niet springt die is een Jood’ (who does not jump is a Jew) which was chanted before an on-stage chat with Johan Kappelhof, who formerly played for Ajax.

Ajax supporters call themselves Jews as a nickname, despite pleas by club officials to drop the tag. Opinion as to why they use the Jewish monicker is divided.
A spokesman told website that the chanting is not considered to be a criminal offence and there is ‘no question of insult or discrimination’.  more

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