Thursday, May 21, 2015

Germany: Jewish British student's 'suicide by road accident' likely to have been a constructed set-up by far right cult

The Daily Mail reports:

A British student's apparent suicide in German road accident is likely to have been a 'constructed set-up', an inquest heard today.

Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was found dead on a motorway near Wiesbaden on March 27, 2003 after he attended a youth event organised by the LaRouche 'far-right cult'.

German police said his death was 'a suicide by means of a traffic accident', but the Jewish student's family have never accepted that ruling and in May 2010 the High Court ordered a fresh UK inquest after judges said evidence of possible foul play needed to be investigated.

Jeremiah, a student at the British institute and the prestigious Sorbonne University of Paris, went from France to Weisbaden in Germany to join what he believed was a protest against the war in Iraq.

His mother, Erica Duggan, has previously said that she believes her son began to be aware of and criticise the virulent anti-Semitic views of the group, and was tortured by the group in the days before his death. 

As the new inquest opened at Barnet Coroner's Court in north London, forensic photographic expert Paul Canning said that after examining pictures from the scene, 'the only possible conclusion is that it must have been a set-up'.  More.

Wikipedia has a detailed report on the circumstances of the death of Jeremiah Duggan and the protagonists: Here.
According to April Witt in The Washington Post, Duggan stood out because he was British and Jewish. Aglaja Beyes-Corleis told the BBC that Jewish members could be placed under particular pressure at meetings. A memo from the London Metropolitan Police submitted as evidence at Duggan's inquest said the Schiller Institute and LaRouche Youth Movement blamed the Jewish people for the Iraq war and other world problems; the memo said that "Jeremiah's lecture notes and bulletins showed the anti-Semitic nature of [the] ideology."Duggan's mother said Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum, the Schiller Institute's scientific adviser, told her after his death that when Duggan heard the Jews being blamed for the war during a seminar, he had stood up and said, "But I'm a Jew!"One participant said the others put him "through the wringer" because of it.

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