Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vatican Insider boasts Israel shocked with agreement between Palestinians and Holy See

This is how the Vatican Insider reports the news with obvious delight:
Their meeting in the Vatican lasted twenty minutes and “great satisfaction” was expressed regarding the bilateral agreement. Tomorrow the Palestinian leader will be attending the ceremony for the canonization of the first two modern-day Palestinian saints. “See you tomorrow,” Abu Mazen said as he took his leave [from the Pope].

Despite Israel’s shock at the recent agreement between Palestine and the Holy See, the Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See, Zion Evrony, will be present at tomorrow’s mass, accompanied by his wife and entourage.

The Italian version states that Israel reacted with "perplexity":
«Ci vediamo domani», ha detto Abu Mazen accomiatandosi dal Papa. Domani, nonostante lo Stato di Israele abbia reagito con perplessità alla recente sigla dell’accordo tra Palestina e Santa Sede, sarà rappresentata domani dall’ambasciatore presso la Santa Sede, Zion Evrony, accompagnato dalla consorte e dal seguito, alla messa di domani.

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