Friday, May 29, 2015

UK: Anti-Zionist Jew to speak at anti-Jewish march

Via HOPE Not Hate:
Here's a conundrum for the Nazi movement in this country. One of the speakers at the neo-Nazi rally proposed for Golders Green next month, is refusing to come because he does not want to share a platform with a Jew!

Yes, little Jack 'Jackboot' Renshaw, will not come because one of the speakers is Jewish! Oh yes, he also does not want to share a platform with Eddie Stampton because even Jack thinks he is a police grass, and he knows like everybody else on the far-right, that Stampton deals drugs to white kids.

Yes, there will be a Jewish speaker at the neo-Nazi anti-Jewish rally in Golders Green. Even though Melissa Caldwell/Cordwell says she is an "Anti-Zionist", as opposed to a Jew-hater, isn't it nice to see the Nazis finally stuck with one of those sorts of people, and not the ultra left for a change?

What happens now is a mystery. Do his fellow Nazis pull him up on his Antisemitism? Does Ms Cordwell report him to the Board of Deputies?

For once in my life, I am in wholehearted agreement with Renshaw. No one should share a platform with a self-hating, Holocaust denying Jew. Even if they say they are "anti-Zionist."  more

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