Sunday, May 17, 2015

UK: Jewish retirement home residents afraid Hebrew sign makes them a target

Rabbi Yitzchak Y. Schochet reports:
For more than fifteen years I have been the Rabbi to Sydmar Lodge, a wonderful Jewish retirement home in London, just a stone-throw from my house. During that time the home underwent several management changes. Recently the home was taken over by Embrace Group who are committed to adding an even more dynamic Jewish feel and atmosphere to the home. This included, as an added "sweet touch" putting the name of the home in Hebrew on the outside sign. I took real pride in seeing the sign. 

So imagine my surprise when not two weeks later, the Hebrew was completely painted over. I later determined a protest was led by some of the residents of the home - although I have to safely assume, more likely fueled by their immediate families. The concern? "It makes us too much of a target."

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