Sunday, September 6, 2015

Belgium: The Great Synagogue of Europe shut for security reasons on day celebrating Jewish culture

The site of the Brussels Jewish Museum warns that the Great Synagogue of Europe will remain closed on  Sunday 6 September for security reasons.

The Great Synagogue of Europe was due to take part in the celebrations of the European Day of Jewish Culture today.  All guided tours of the Synagogue have been cancelled.

Formerly known as the main synagogue in Brussels, it was "re-dedicated [in 2008] as the Great Synagogue of Europe, in a sign of EU-Jewish unity'"

"The ceremony of dedication, led by the synagogue's Chief Rabbi, Albert Guigui, involved the reading of a specially-drafted "Prayer for Europe".  Among the guests was the chief rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Sir Jonathan Sacks. He was joined by fellow members of the Conference of European Rabbis and several other leading figures from major European institutions, including Mr Barroso and at least 17 ambassadors."  (BBC, 2008).

This is the situation of the Jewish community seven years later...   The synagogue is heavily protected at all times but apparently it is not enough!

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