Friday, September 25, 2015

UK: Police called in as protesters target Israeli-owned London store

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

An Israeli-owned cosmetics store in London was targeted by pro-Palestinian activists in a protest timed to coincide with Yom Kippur.

Around 20 supporters of the London Palestine Action group entered the Sabon UK shop, in Covent Garden, on Tuesday evening, just as the fast began.  The manager of the store, which stocks luxury skincare products and fragrances which contain minerals from the Dead Sea, said the protestors arrived at around 6pm, put up anti-Israel leaflets and attempted to steal stock.
She said: “They came in and put signs up on the inside of our windows – inside the store. They brought out cardboard boxes and tried to put our stuff in the boxes and walk out with our products.

“They had around five cardboard boxes. Everything happened in a minute – I looked inside one of the boxes and could not believe that they had put 14 body scrubs in one box so quickly.”

She continued: “It was stressful. But with the police there, they were never going to physically push us or anything. But my concern is, what would have happened if the police were not there?” 

She said that the police knew the anti-Israel protest was due to take place in advance.  [...]

In a tweet, a representative of the anti-Israel LPA group claimed: “Sabon profits from apartheid, so we shut it down.” However, the store manager confirmed that the shop stayed open until 8pm.[...]

Simon Cobbs, who co-founded grassroots group Sussex Friends of Israel, regularly counters anti-Israel demonstrations. He claimed that the timing of Tuesday’s protest, which coincided with the start of Yom Kippur, was deliberate so British Jews could not counter-demonstrate against the LPA group. Read more.

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