Friday, September 25, 2015

Europe: As Arab-Muslims stream in, the tiny Jewish population is trickling out

Mike Lumish writes about the Impending Transformation of Europe @ Israel Thrives blog: 
As Arab-Muslims stream into Europe, the tiny Jewish population is trickling out.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout the continent and a large part of the reason for this is the introduction of a growing anti-Jewish demographic throughout the region.

Polls show that the Middle East, outside of Israel, harbor anti-Semitic sentiments in the 80th percentile.  That is to say, the great majority of Arab and Muslim migrants from the Middle East are likely to despise Jews and they are quite likely to show it in no uncertain terms on European soil.

Another consequence of the mass migration into Europe will be the further decline of Europe's Jewish population which will slowly, over time, migrate to places like Israel, North America, and Australia.  Read more.
It is not only Jews who have cause to be concerned.  Lifted from The Times cover page: Migrants could destroy us, warns EU chief.

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