Sunday, September 13, 2015

UK: Muslim "absolutism about the Israel-Palestine issue" leads to an unmistakable hostility to Jews

Charles Moore's editorial has struck a chord with Telegraph's readers and has led to 2,000 reactions, mostly approving.

Charles Moore writes @ The Daily Telegraph:
"But in my dealings with British Muslim leaders and representatives for this work [special supplement about Islam for the Daily Telegraph], and in other contacts at this time, I became uneasy. There were several unattractive things I noticed. One was the exclusion of women from any role in governance, thought or worship. Another was an absolutism about the Israel-Palestine issue which involved, in many cases, an unmistakable hostility to Jews. A third was an assumption that something that was considered bad – blasphemy, immodesty, homosexuality, mixed bathing – should be banned. The idea that one could disapprove of something, and yet believe that it should be permitted, seemed barely to exist"
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