Friday, September 11, 2015

UK: Anti-semitism and terror flags on display at London anti-Israel demo

Via Honest Reporting:

Anti-Semitism and extremism were on display at a demonstration in London against Israeli PM Netanyahu’s UK visit where he met with British PM David Cameron. Despite its status as a terrorist organization, Hezbollah flags were spotted. Breitbart UK reported from the scene:
Arrieh A. Miller, executive director of The Zionist Federation, told Breitbart London: “The yellow and green flags over there are Hezbollah, there’s also a Hamas flag on the reverse of one of them.

Ostensibly, brandishing the flag of a terrorist organisation is an arrestable offence, but the police seemed as uninterested as they were in taking action against the man who flew the ISIS flag outside Big Ben.

“We’ve complained to the police about it and they have said they will deal with it. They are a proscribed organisation in the UK, a proscribed terrorist organisation, as are Hamas – by the EU,” Miller continued.

“This shows the message of the protest. That demonstration is not against Netanyahu, it is not even against Israel; it is in support of terrorism.

“What we talk about is a red-green alliance, which is the socialists aligned with the pro-Palestinians and anti-Zionists.

“The only thing they agree on is their hatred of Israel. They don’t agree on rights for women; they don’t agree on rights for gays; they don’t agree on rights for education. What brings them together is a hatred of Israel, and that is what is on display at this demonstration today.”
This call for genocide of Israelis is just one piece of footage taken from outside Downing Street by pro-Israel advocates exposing the real agenda behind the protests.

The Times of Israel also reports on one individual, later arrested, who brandished a coin, shouting at the pro-Israel demonstrators: “You only understand money.”

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