Friday, September 11, 2015

Ireland: (Non-Jewish) Labour Senator subjected to antisemitic harassment, death threats

Via the Independent:
A Labour Senator has said that she fears for her life after receiving online death threats and abuse for the third time this year.

Senator Lorraine Higgins has been told by an anonymous online abuser in an email that she will be shot and that they would like “nothing better than to fill a rat’s mouth with lead.”

“you dirty f*****g Jew w**re your more of a police informer than a politician,” reads the email.

“im (sic) going to blow your big f*****g jew nose right off. you have much bigger problems on the way than sinn féin.”

Read more: File goes to DPP over 'vile abuse' toward Labour senator

A link contained in the email leads to a video of a sniper, although the video seems to have since been removed.

Speaking to, Senator Higgins, who is not Jewish, said that the vile abuse was affecting her and her family.  more

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