Friday, September 25, 2015

Sweden: TV4 supports antisemitic rapper

I've posted about Dani M in the past (see Popular rapper says antisemitic Denmark attack is 'false-flag' operation and City picks antisemitic rapper for youth festival).

In Europe, being antisemitic (of the “right” type) does not carry any social sanction.   Dani M claims he's just being "critical of Israel" and that he's being hounded by those Zionists who control the world and media for no good reason.  For the normal Swede in the street, that doesn't sound suspicious at all.  He's not anti-JEWS, he's just anti-ZIONISTS, and there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

 Post by J from Sweden: 
So there is a rapper,in Sweden, called “Dani M” (Daniel monserrat) who is well known for his antisemitic conspiracy lyrics and comments/ posts on social media. The largest commercial TV station, TV4, has just shot an episode with him for a popular tv-show where different artists interpret each others songs.. Some journalists and people have picked up on this, and an ex-CEO for the channel has spoken out and criticized them for working with Dani M. 

This rapper has a long history of anti-semitism (which he denies of course). One example is on the day after Dan Uzan was murdered in Copenhagen, Dani M wrote on Facebook that the horrible attack was made by “some sort of elite” that would benefit from it. Jews or “Zionists” perhaps?

This is just one of MANY anti-semitic claims he has made over the last years.

He has also been supporting, and told his nearly 24 thousand fans on Facebook, to vote for a right wing-extremist party Partiet De Fria (PDF), where the leaders are holocaust-deniers and participate in neo-Nazi podcasts. 

One of the biggest tv stations in Sweden are making a show with a rapper who supported that. 

People really aren’t taking this seriously. They have a really hard time to understand that he is in fact an anti-semite. He is invited to do shows in schools/ youth events (financed by tax-money), on charity tv, public service music radio and social justice events because people seem to think he is just a criticizer of Israel.  However, many are sowing their disappointment online (I’m one of them) and are calling them (TV4) out on this. They refuse to answer our critique or questions.

In the case of Dani M every representative or supporter of Dani and his participation, are claiming he has apologized for his earlier statements and that he regrets his antisemitic conspiracy thinking.  He has not! He stands by this still, but made this really ridiculous “apology” by saying “he’s sorry if he hurt anyone but…”. Another “apology” was that he’s not a racist, and everyone is just attacking him. He once said “if you’ve been called an anti-Semite once your career is over”.  His feature on TV4 really proves the opposite. Tragic. 

They really aren’t taking responsibility. I called the channel to inform them that Dani is still standing by his statements, and I have been trying to get more answers on their forum and online service. They just delete my and other peoples questions and detailed information.  I should also tell You that Dani M’s popularity (especially among the youth) really frightens me. That’s probably why this episode will be aired after all. Something that bothers me also is the “anti-racists” silence on this. Peoples outrage against anti-black racism has gotten a comedian fired from TV4 just months ago, and it seems people just don’t care when it comes to anti-Semitism. 

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