Friday, September 4, 2015

Greece: "Antisemitism does not only exist but it thrives"

Via Abravanel (h/t glykosymoritis):
O don’t know how many Greek are antisemites. What I do know is that antisemitism does not only exist but it thrives, in levels unthinkable for a modern western society. I do know that Jews are afraid to admit it, presumably because their Christian neighbours do not take gladly to criticism. The fact that we have consistently the same results in surveys for years but there isn’t a single organization in Greece which admits that antisemitism is a core aspect of greek racism is indicative the truth of Perdurant’s finding that antisemitism is embedded in the society.

So yes:

    Antisemitism exists in Greece.
    Antisemitism in Greece is not a marginal phenomenon.
    Antisemitism in Greece is not linked to muslim immigrants.
    Antisemitism in Greece is not widely condemned.
    Antisemitism in Greece can be violent.
    Antisemitism in Greece used to be poorly documented but for the past decade there is meticulous documentation.
    While differences exist, nobody is exempt; neither rich or poor, educated or uneducated, progressive or conservative
    No major antiracist/human rights organization in Greece considers antisemitism being a major problem in Greece – they are part of the problem.  more

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