Thursday, September 3, 2015

UK: Scottish MP apologises over antisemitic tweet

Monaghan tweeted this tweet in 2012.  It was 'discovered' now, so now he removed it and apologized.  That doesn't mean he has changed his mind.  In fact, he tweeted just a few months ago that Israel is engaging in genocide.

Via Jewish Chronicle:
A Scottish National Party MP has apologised for posting an antisemitic tweet relating to Israel’s military action in Gaza.

Paul Monaghan used the social media site to accuse the “proud Jewish race” of “persecuting the people of Gaza”.

After the JC questioned his remarks on Wednesday he deleted them from his account and apologised.
Dr Monaghan entered Parliament in May as the SNP took 56 of the 59 constituencies in Scotland.

The JC understands his past comments were already a cause for concern among campaigners working to tackle antisemitism in politics.

In a statement to the JC on Wednesday Dr Monaghan said: “I share the commitment set out earlier this week by the First Minister to the Jewish community.

I am sorry for my comments, they were certainly not intended to cause offence and I have removed them to ensure no further upset is caused.”  more

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