Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Germany: Germans host American Jew who compares Israel to Nazis

Via Jerusalem Post:
Israel’s embassy in Berlin sharply criticized on Tuesday Germany’s Sparkasse savings bank network – and various NGOs – for allowing an opponent of the existence of Israel, who has likened the Jewish state to the Third Reich, to deliver a talk in its office space titled “Jew against Zionism.”

“We regret that certain organizations provide a platform for hatred. It is important and would have been beneficial if institutions would have double-checked before allowing their resources to be used as platforms to spread hatred. Actions are being taken,” the embassy told The Jerusalem Post.

Lilian Rosengarten, an activist from New York, spoke on Sunday in a Sparkasse office of the town of Düren, near Aachen. She is a member of the International Anti-Zionist network and accused Israel on the Düren municipal museum’s website of “ethnic cleansing,” “racism” and “apartheid.”

“Zionism has been successful in activating a growth in anti-Semitism,” she said.


Rosengarten’s talk in Darmstadt was relocated to the Hoffart Theater. She is conducting a Germany-wide speaking series.

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