Friday, September 4, 2015

Netherlands: Elderly couple beaten, robbed in antisemitic attack

Via NIW:

Last month an elderly Jewish couple was violently robbed in their home.  In an interview to the Jewish magazine Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad, the couple say the attack was antisemitic.

Samuel and Diana were just recently released from the hospital and are currently in rehabilitation.  The two had been functioning independently until then, but now Diana says she suffers much pain, and Samuel is nearly blind after the attack.

The two attackers, who are described as middle-aged and Moroccan-looking, entered their home posing as policemen.  They beat the elderly couple up, tied them up and forced Diana to drink a bottle containing sleeping drugs. 

Diana's father was a diamond cutter and therefore she had quite a bit of jewellery.  The attackers took it all and threatened to cut off her fingers when she took too much time taking off her rings. 

They said: "You dirty Jews. You shouldn't wear it. You've worn it for too long already, now it's ours."

The two are Holocaust survivors.  Diana was in Auschwitz and says that as much as she was beaten up by the Nazis, she was beaten up more now.

Their son, Emanuel, who lives in Spain, says that he also thinks the attack was antisemitic.  His parents have a big mezuzah on the door, and the attackers had continued beating them up even after they took everything.

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