Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UK: "Why was I born a Jew?" - Mother's agony as son is bullied because of his religion

Via Daily Record:
WHEN he was 16, Debby Taylor’s son asked: “Mum, why was I born a Jew?”

The dismay in his words left her numb and, sitting in her Aberdeenshire home, she was reminded that Scotland is not immune to the evils of anti-semitism.

The question had been prompted by an incident a few days before when her son was punched in the face by a classmate.

When Debby picked him up from a party, his nose had been bleeding but he didn’t want to discuss what happened.

Later that night, his attacker told him on Facebook that if he went to police, he was going to kick Debby “in the ovaries, so she doesn’t produce any more f****** Jews”.

He was hit again by the same boy a few days later.

Debby said: “It was heart-rending for my child to say, ‘Why was I born a Jew?’ What do you say to a young man when he asks that? You think you are safe, yet he was hit simply because of religion.”

On another occasion a boy shouted at him from a window and called him a “f****** Jew”.

Debby approved when the teacher insisted that the boy write him a letter of apology and she believes that the offender learned from it.

That was in 2008 but Debby says her son has considered leaving Scotland many times since.  more

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