Monday, September 7, 2015

Germany: Anti-Israel demonstrators attack and insult a Jewish survivor of the Shoah and his son

This was an even to commemorate the 'victims of the Gaza War'.  In the format of Holocaust commemorations, all the names of those killed were read out.  

A Holocaust victim complained, and was thereby attacked.

Via Antisemitismus Watch:
Berlin, August 29, 2015
The video is partly in German and English

21:06 min
Insults begin, incuding the following: “Occupier! Zionist! Killer! Terrorist! Nazi! Fascist”

22:00 min
Physical attack

23:30 min
Interview with the victims
One of the victims tells his story: He was born in Germany and had to leave the country due to the antisemitism he experienced. His family was killed during the Shoah. He’s living in Great Britian and is currently visiting Germany.

29:38 min
Discussion with anti-Israel demonstrators

36:11 min
One of the anti-Israel demonstrators says (in German): “I noticed you are exploiting Germany’s history to this day. You are exploiting the Holocaust.“

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