Thursday, December 10, 2015

Belgium: 'Anti-Semitism impossible to erase in the blink of an eye,' minister says

He's talking here about Muslim antisemitism.  What about Belgian antisemitism?   For example, the fact that one of Belgium's top-notch newspapers decided to employ an antisemite to write a weekly column?  Or the fact that Belgium's human-rights groups support Jew-hating rhetoric (via that same antisemite)?

How does Belgium intend to fight Muslim antisemitism, when in fact they support it?

Via Jerusalem Post:
Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Jan Jambon said at the event that his government has made the battle against radical extremism and terrorism a top priority since the terrorist attack on the museum.

The minister acknowledged that “we are not going to dismantle the ideological frameworks of Islamic State and similar organizations as easy as that. Their anti-Semitism is impossible to erase in the blink of an eye.

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