Saturday, December 26, 2015

Europe: Muslim antisemitism is highest in Belgium (ADL survey)

 CIJ News reports:  (via Watch Antisemitism in Europe)
For the first time the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a leading civil and human rights organization in existence since 1913, conducted a new survey to measure Muslim attitudes towards Jews in six Western European countries. 

The survey is a follow up to its 2014 groundbreaking worldwide poll on anti-Semitism called the ADL Global 100 Index which compiled data from 102 countries and territories and provided an important insight into national and regional attitudes toward Jews, the levels of acceptance of anti-Semitic stereotypes and knowledge of the Holocaust.

The new survey polled Muslims in countries with a significant Muslim populations – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K. – and found that and average of 55% of Muslims harbor anti-Semitic attitudes, as compared to an average of 24% among the non-Muslim population. [...]

In Belgium 68% of Muslims harbor anti-Semitic attitudes, compared to 21% overall. In Spain the ratio was 62% to 29%, in Germany 56% to 16%, in Italy 56% to 29% overall, in the UK 54% to 12% and in France 49% to 17%.
As high as anti-Semitic attitudes were among Muslims in Europe, they were even higher in the Middle East and North Africa where the Jewish populations are either miniscule or non-existent.
10 of the top most anti-Semitic countries/territories in the original ADL100 Global index were West Bank and Gaza with a whopping 93%, followed by Iraq with 92%, Yemen with 88%, Algeria with 87%, Libya with 87%, Tunisia with 86%, Kuwait with 82%, Bahrain with 81%, Jordan with 81% and Morocco with 80%.
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