Thursday, December 24, 2015

UK: Pro-Palestinian activist says she's done being polite, "Jews are dangerous all around the globe"

Tibou Abdessemed is a very active "anti-Zionist" protester.  The kind of people who feel insulted when they're told they're antisemitic, becuse they are 'just critical of Israel' (AKA the Satanic Nazi state of Israhell, purveyor of evil all around the globe).

Recently, she gave up any pretense that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with antisemitism.   h/t Daphne Anson

She posted this note twice (here and here), adding some more antisemitic material the second time.

I am reposting this before I take my leave, just to make sure that everybody knows my position.

I am done saying that we fight Zionism and not judaism because Zionism is judaism, a very simple equation, in reality. Maybe 0.5% of Jews are against IsraHell and I even doubt this percentage! I am being very generous. I am certainly not going to promote their false pretence and filthy propaganda any longer and people know much more than we want to give them credit for. Jews, all around the world love, protect and help IsraHell. Their cruelty and arrogance knows no boundaries. The IsraHelli public is largely supportive of Satanyahu's crusade to achieve his dream " The great IsraHell". They are somewhat sympathetic towards his arrogant and demonic views and actions. The Jewish state has always been condescending towards the Goyim world which is destructive and a very dangerous solipsism, since its inception. Satanyahu is a megalomaniac and a renowned psychopath who thinks he knows better than anybody else, he chose to butt head some of the most powerful world leaders and schooling the rest of the world on how to think, what to do and what to believe in. This attitude aims to combat any criticism towards IsraHell, who is not interested in curing its own ills and sins. Whether for its indiscriminate torture and killing of innocent people in Gaza, in cold blood, or its continued building of illegal settlements...Diving into a moral and political abyss. But IsraHell always knows better. Their arrogance and sense of supremacy such as " We are the chosen people and " God gave us this Land" is outrageous and so arrogant. Distinguishing between pride and arrogance obviously, for pride requires intelligence, wisdom and modesty. Here, you have people that were offered a land by Britain, who by the way had no right to do so, giving something that didn't belong to them, but it's not enough for them, oh no! They want more, much more! Arrogance is encrusted in IsraHelli's genetics. Remember, they are God's elected people! This basic assumption will lead them to their graves. Sorry, but Hubris has always led to tragedies and was proven through history despite " God's support!". I just didn't want to generalise out of respect for people like Miko peled, Noam chomsky, Norman finkelstein, Amy Goodman and more. But I don't care anymore, this is a handful of courageous people. Jews are extremely dangerous all around the globe, look at what's happening in Myanmar, Burma, 9/11, 7/7, Palestine, all over the world. I won't be careful of my vocabulary any longer and pick and choose proper words out of courtesy. From now on I will call a cat a cat and if some people are offended, too bad, unfriend me. Many did already! The truth is not always easy to digest but the truth is the only thing worth fighting for. Truth and justice!
Just a word to salvation!

Her Facebook page is filled with Holocaust denial and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, just like every other antisemitic site out there.

Frankly, I find it hard to tell whether her posts are more antisemitic than before, now that she came out of her antisemitic closet.

Anti-Zionists accuse me of not focusing on 'real' antisemitism.   They're just 'critical of Israel', they're not anti-Jewish.  But notice how this logic develops:

Critical of Israel -> critical of Zionists -> critical of any Jew who is not anti-Zionist

If you're critical of Israeli-policies, you will not get to Jew hatred.
If you're critical of the existence of Israel, then hating all  Jews who disagree with you is a logical next step. 

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