Sunday, December 13, 2015

France: Paris terror attacks have increased the immigration of French Jews to Israel

Ynet News reports:
On Tuesday morning, about a month after the deadly terror attack in Paris, dozens of new olim from France landed at Ben Gurion Airport. Most of the attention was given to one couple: Lilian and David Bittan, 81 and 82 respectively [pictured], who held hands and shed some tears. "We wanted to come to Israel together, in love," they said. 
The Bittans, who had been residents of a Paris suburb, will now live in Netanya. "We always knew we'd move to Israel, and now as the years pass you can't postpone the decision anymore. If we had waited a little longer, we would not have made it, or one of us might have passed away. It was important to us to do it together, while holding hands and loving each other," they said. The couple has four children. Two of them have moved to Israel, and the other two continue living in France. 

Jewish Agency Spokesman Avi Mayer indicated (9 December) that “We are at the point where approximately 7000 immigrants from France have already arrived in Israel this year which marks a 10% increase over last year”.  Obviously French Jews are also leaving for the USA, Canada, Australia etc.

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