Monday, December 21, 2015

Italy: Radio Islam lists "influential Jews in Italy"

Via Britaly Post:
The use of threats and libel, aggravated by racial hatred. These are the charges levelled, currently against persons unknown, in the proceedings initiated by the Rome prosecutor's office, after the Radio Islam website published a list of Jewish figures, under the title "List of influential Jews in Italy."

The list includes businessmen, intellectuals and journalists, whom the organization accuses of influencing or even monopolizing Italy's "powers that be."  Magistrates have entrusted the investigation to the Postal Police service, and the website may soon be closed down.

On its website, Radio Islam describes itself as an "apolitical organization working to build and improve relations between the West and the Muslim Arab world." "Radio Islam," it also states, "is against every form of racism, including Jewish racism against non-Jews and the objectives of international Zionism. Through its very existence, Israel is an absolute provocation against every international principle, rule and law, and Jewish racism violates every ethical and moral value known to man."
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