Wednesday, December 23, 2015

EU mulls adopting definition of Jew hatred, says new anti-Semitism czar

Jewish groups have been begging the EU for quite a while to officially adopt the 'working definition' prepared by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights .  Apparently, they're now up to he mulling stage.

Via Times of Israel:
At Israel’s request, the European Union may formulate a clear definition of anti-Semitism in a bid to better fight the phenomenon, the EU’s new point person for combating Jew-hatred said.

“The definition of anti-Semitism is very disputed, even among Jews themselves. The main dissent revolves around the question of manifestations against the State of Israel. We’re currently looking into this issue,” Katharina von Schnurbein told The Times of Israel in a telephone interview last week from Brussels. “One thing is clear: Anti-Semitism can sometimes hide behind anti-Zionism. That is certainly our understanding here.”
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