Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Belgium: Paris massacre 'tenth' terrorist Abdeslam Salah lashed out at Jews

Several French and Belgian media outlets (BFMT, Le Monde, France 24, Le Vif) reported that Salah Abdeslam had complained to his friend Hamza Attou about the Jews - understand he lashed out at Jews.  That's what he had in mind after the Paris massacres.  He also said that he would be seeking revenge for the death of his terrorist brother.  The other brother Mohammed "was convicted of a particularly sordid crime in 2005. In his first job as an ambulance worker, when he was 18, he became part of a gang of fellow workers who stole the personal effects of dead people whose bodies they were sent out to bring to city morgues".  They all lived in Molenbeek.

The Daily Mail has the story, but not about his remark about Jews:
Police stopped the most wanted terrorist in Europe three times a few hours after the Paris attacks - but he was let free every time, it emerged today.

The astonishing revelations about Salah Abdeslam, 26, highlight the lax security that ultimately allowed Islamic State operatives to murder 130 people at will.
Until today it was thought that Abdeslam, a Belgian-born Frenchman who is still on the run, was questioned once by a traffic patrol on the day after the atrocities.

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