Friday, December 11, 2015

Germany:Jews Are Demons, Claims Speaker Who Appeared At Pro-Russia Conference

The conference website is apparently linked to neo-Nazi groups.   See more here.

Via The Interpreter (h/t Watch: Antisemitism in Europe): 
A large pro-Russian conference in Germany last weekend was due to be addressed by an influential Russian Orthodox activist who has previously called Jews ‘personified demons.’
The 65 Euro-entry-charge Bewusst In Die Zukunft (Alertly Into The Future) conference took place at an up-market conference centre on Saturday, November 28, in Wartenberg, in the central German Hessen region. The conference targeted believers in alternative medicine as well as ecologically-minded opponents to genetically modified foods, which enjoys wider popularity and political significance in Germany than in other European nations.
Another speaker, fitness expert, Egor Gamajun, wrote a number of viciously anti-Semitic claims over the course of the past months.

Gamajun claimed that Hebrew was spoken at the first congress of Russian Bolsheviks, where he says “ethnic Slavs were only a small number of people”. He goes on to say “Zhidy” [A pejorative Russian term for Jews] were “personified demons” who mystically hate Christianity. All that is holy and that leads to freedom and to the Holy Spirit – they cause fierce hatred of.”
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