Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Norway: Oslo's 'Citizen of the Year' wants to destroy Israel

Mohsan Raja was voted by Aftenposten's readers as "Oslo's Citizen of the Year" for his work with refugees.  (h/t morsmal)

The announcement was met by much criticism, as Raja also has his darker sides.  His social media postings show him to believe in conspiraty theories, sexist, critical of gays and a supporter of the terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

He also wants to destroy Israel.

A year ago he posted on twitter "Long Live Sharia" and "Death to Israel".

Asked about both statements, he responded to the former that he leaves Sharia up to the Islamic Council.  To the latter he said "This is a conflict that has been ongoing for many years.  I support Palestine in this conflict".

You can support Palestine without wishing to kill millions of Jews, but apparently, that doesn't bother the good people of Oslo. After much deliberation, Aftenposten decided not to withdraw the award.

Honoring people who want to kill Jews a tradition in Norway.   Last year, the antisemitic Mads Gilbert was voted as "Person of the Year", and donated his award to the BDS organization dedicated to wiping out Israel.

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