Monday, December 21, 2015

Norway: Media whitewashes Palestinian terrorism

Heading: Two Palestinians killed in the West Bank
 Via MIFF:

The pro-Israeli site MIFF examined how NTB, the Norwegian news agency, reports about the terror wave in Israel.

NTB published 32 articles between November 12 and December 11.  Including modified and updated versions, there were 53 articles.

MIFF examined the headlines and article intros.

Headlines camouflage the fact that the killed Palestinians were attackers and that the victims were Israelis.
- 43 of the 53 articles were news stories.
- 28 (65%) headlines mentioned that Palestinians were killed 
- Only 16 (37%) headlines mentioned an attack on Israelis
- 7 headlines did not talk of Israelis or Palestinians, but rather mentioned attacks, killings or 'unrest'.

Intros almost always focused on the fact that Palestinians were killed

- 31 (72%) sub-headings mentioned that Palestinians were killed
- 10 (23%) sub-headings mentioned that Israelis were attacked
- 1 sub-heading mentioned that both an Israeli and a Palestinian were killed, without mentioning that one was a victim and the other an attacker.
- 1 sub-heading mentioned that 'people' were injured after 'somebody' attacked them, without mentioning either Israelis or Palestinians.

Palestinians never commit terrorism
- Palestinians were never called 'terrorists' and the attacks never described as 'terror attacks', even when the attacks were aimed at innocent civlians.

Attacks against Israelis are doubtful

- In 15 cases, the sub-heading said that the attack 'allegedly' occurred.
- Palestinians deaths or injuries were never put in doubt.

Most articles are critical of Israel

- 10 of the 53 articles were not news stories, but rather dealt with the terror wave.

- 9 (90%) were critical of Israel.  For example, on December 7th, NTB reported that "An Israeli military court sentenced a Palestinian politician to jail".  The sub-heading mentioned that this was a "prominent Palestinian parliamentarian" who "among other things" incited to violence.  Only later in the article, does it mention that  this was an active member of the DFLP terror organization.  As usual, NTB ignored the continuous incitement to terror by Palestinian leaders.

- Other headlines in this category: "Israelis arrested for arson against Palestinians", "B'Tselem accuses Israeli forces of unnecessary killings", "Israeli court approves destruction of Palestinian house", "Israeli destroys homes of Palestinian attackers" and "Israeli policemen gets community service for beating teenager".

- Only one article voiced condemnation of the attacks against Israel: "Kerry condemns Palestinian knife attacks".

For full analysis see the MIFF website.

Norwegian media is well-known for its antisemitic slant.  While usually they don't get the spotlight, due to the fact that most people don't speak Norwegian, In July I focused for one day on their most antisemitic aspects:
* Norwegian media yells 'genocide!' (but only for Israel) 
* We never show pictures of dead children, but we make an exception for anti-Israel incitement
* Norwegian media giving the stage to rabid antisemites 
* Norwegian media spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories 

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