Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Poland: Jews feeling more safe in Poland than in Oslo and Copenhagen

Professor Ruth Wisse on her recent visit to Poland @ Mosaic Magazine:
Very much like this Polish rescuer, the Polish family with whom I am closest feels that they benefit from knowing and making known the truth about the Jewish presence in Poland. They explore local Jewish sites and also visit Jewish museums and landmarks when they travel abroad.
When we met this time, the husband remarked how unpleasantly surprised they were by the extreme security measures in place at Jewish institutions in Oslo and Copenhagen. Then he added: “We in Poland are being asked to take in thousands of Muslim refugees. I ask myself whether, if and when we do, we will then also have to provide similar protection from them at our Jewish sites.”
At that point in our conversation I realized that our largely Jewish group had been wandering around Poland with no security, and feeling very safe.

 The whole piece is worth reading.

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