Monday, December 28, 2015

Sweden: Presenter who equated Israel to Nazis given top Christmas and Eurovision television spots

The problem is not people who equate Jews with Nazis.  The problem is that this is acceptable in today's European society.   There are no social sanctions on antisemitism. 

Via Everyday Antisemitism:   
One of Sweden’s most coveted television spots, hosting the annual Christmas schedule on Sweden’s state-owned SVT, was given to Gina Dirawi this year.

Dirawi, who will also host Eurovision in Stockholm in 2016, has previously claimed that “The Israeli government does the same thing as Hitler did to its people but with other means. They are racists, they oppress, and kill people who are not like them!”

In 2012 she posting an image on her blog of the book Är världen upp och ner? by Lasse Wilhelmson, under the title, “Some bedtime reading…” The book’s back cover states, “Lasse writes that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace today and Zionism the greatest threat to humanity.”

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