Sunday, December 13, 2015

France: Army teaches kids that Israel is slaughtering Palestinians

JDC at the Metz BA 128(copyright BA 128)
The Goys Defending Israel blog were contacted by a Jewish mother whose daughter attended  "a day of national defense instruction" (JDC), concerning the remarks made by a speaker from the National Service Center of Vincennes.  The JDC "is designed to be a step on the path to citizenship". It is a substitute for the draft, designed to assume numerous roles with which it was vested: citizenship, duty of remembrance, youth awareness regarding defence issues, statistics on "draftees”, strengthening the bond between the army and its nation.  In 2010 the content was "modified through an increased awareness of citizenship and the rights and duties associated with it".

One of the speakers indicated that he had been giving presentations on French military operations for 12 years.  He explained that the French Army could not intervene everywhere.  To illustrate the point he mentioned that when Palestinians are killed by Israel, the French army cannot intervene. In the discussion that followed the remark, several young people said that it was not normal that France cannot intervene when Israel slaughters Palestinians.

Speakers at the JDC are usually reservists in uniform - they are commissioned and paid by the Ministry of Defence - and as such, they do not express their personal views but those of the institution they represent.  It could therefore be inferred that the Ministry of Defence and the French Army are openly and publicly anti-Zionist. 
Obviously, this is not the case and the pronouncements of the speaker do not reflect an official position.
This  is precisely  why such statements are so dangerous.
By flouting the general disciplinary regulations which require him to to exercise restraint while in uniform, the speaker gave the impression to the youngsters he was addressing, that Israel stands accused by France of committing crimes against the Palestinians on a large scale. This is the message the youngsters understood. 
Not only are such accusations entirely baseless but they are also contradicted by statistical data.- Palestinian life expectancy stands at 73 years and the growth rate of the population also disproves the claim of genocide or mass murders.  

Goys Defending Israel blog are working out with the girl's mother a way to deal with this regrettable affair which reveals that even civic education aimed at the young is infiltrated by anti-Zionist propaganda which tries to validate the idea that the whole of France supports such ideas.

Note: a reader of the Goys Defending Israel blog wrote that her daughter went through the same experience  a few months ago at the same place (Vincennes) that left her very shocked.  She was the only Jew in the assembly and was surrounded by pro-Palestinian young people, especially young women, who were very aggressive and outspoken...  The military staff in charge didn't say a word!

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