Wednesday, December 9, 2015

EU: "ISIS is not stabbing people randomly"

EU ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, was interviewed by an Israeli radio station, and explained why terrorism in Israel is 'different'.

More importantly, terrorism in Israel should be dealt with through political measures.  There have been several cases when Jews were stabbed 'randomly' by people who just picked up a knife.  Does the EU think those cases should be dealt with politically?

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Q:  Does the terror wave cause the EU to think differently about Israel and attack it less?

A: I would like to point out that we from the European Union feel a very strong solidarity with Israel because of what's it going through in terms of this cycle of terror and violence. We have on several occasions condemned these terror attacks that are taking place and we have sent our condolences strongly out to everyone who has been a victim of this and to their relatives.

The phenomenon of terror has to be addressed in different ways depending on, you know, on who the terror organizations play here.

I think that the Israeli authorities have realized that in order to tackle the current wave of terror here in Israel you need a mix of security measures and political measures.  I mean, what the government has been talking about is the need to improve the situation on the ground for the Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, on the West Bank in order to take some of this frustration that might motivate some of them to do the things that they're doing.  ISIS is a different phenomenon.  These are professional terrorists who are members of a terror organization perpetrating acts of terror in Europe and other places. They're not young people in their 20s going out with a pair of scissors or a knife and stabbing somebody randomly they meet on the streets.

So obviously it requires a different approach.  But it doesn't detract from the fact, and I want to make that very clear, that terror is terror and it's equally condemnable to the extent that it affects innocent people, no matter who perpetrates it and no matter where it takes place.

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