Friday, December 11, 2015

UK: Saudi hatred in Luton against Jews and other 'infidels'

Habibi @ Harry's Place writes:
The Luton Islamic Centre has one mission in this world: the promotion of vicious Saudi hatred.
This January it will hold a three day event which provides a case in point.  The event video is telling for those in the know. The chants of “ghurabaa” – “strangers” – are a calling card for Islamist extremists the world over and another name for the Luton mosque too. The same is true of “holding on to hot coals”. Distressing images from the Middle East follow to awaken fear and anger. It’s simple, really. Isolated in society, disliked, rejected? Be proud, for it only means you are on the right path. Stay on it.

This post covers Saudi preacher Salih al-Suhaymee, one of the scheduled speakers. He is telling indeed. [...]  
Absurd Conspiracy Theories, Paranoia and Destruction
Suhaymee urges Muslims to beware a giant plot bringing together Jews, Christians, Shias (pejoratively termed “rafidha”), and the simply devilish Muslims of Islamic State. The aim of the plotters is nothing less than the destruction of real Muslims. Here’s a tirade from 2014:
My brothers, do not forget your brothers in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and in every place in your supplications because of these well-known conspiracies which have been agreed upon by all from amongst the disbelievers from the Jews and the Christians, the hizb-ul-Iblees (the party of Iblees), the Raafidah and other than them. They are agreed upon in concocting these conspiracies to divert the Muslims away from Tawheed and to put them to trial and so that they can reach their goals of completely eradicating the Muslims of Ahlus-Sunnah.
The Evil Jews
Jews are at the heart of the conspiracies, of course. See through them:
Be intelligent, and do not be sentimentalists who are taken by sentiments, supporting scum behind whom is the Zionist Mossad and behind whom is world Freemasonry, and behind which is world disbelief, drum-beating (against Islam) from near and from far. Do not be deceived by the claims of that artificial enmity between the Zionists and those groups (the Khawaarij), for they are friends, ever since the time of Abdullaah bin Saba’ until this day of ours. Thus, the Muslim is shrewd, intelligent, he should not be deceived by this idle chatter, and nor by these fibs and deviations, “But the evil plot encompasses only him who makes it” (Fatir 35:43)
Spot their war plots:
They murder the Muslims in the Muslim countries as if they were war abodes; they offered the enemies the best service that the latter will never be able to get by any other means, and they gave them excuses to do harm to Islam and the Muslims and invade some Muslim countries. Allah knows who stands behind them (i.e. the Takfeeree) among the Zionist and Masonic organizations either directly or indirectly.
You know, even street demonstrations are a nasty Jewish device and against Islam. If you do demonstrate, the Jews, the enemies of Islam, will exploit you.
Suhaymee should be right at home at the Luton Islamic Centre, which has its own record of gross antisemitism. The mosque’s main man, Qadeer Baksh, even turns to the horrific American racist David Duke for wisdom about the nefarious Jews.
Hello, David? Hello?
Time and time again the Tories have promised that they will take action and bar foreign hate preachers.
In addition, just this summer Cameron noted Jewish conspiracy theories as a key concern.
To be fair, a number of hate preachers have been excluded from the country.
But I have two questions. First, doesn’t Mr Suhaymee qualify? Second, if he does, why has he been missed? His Luton fans say he secured a UK visa just last month.
Oh, and while we’re at it, could Tories in power please tell someone to have a word with the Bedfordshire Police?
“PCSO McHugh stands together with Mr Qadeer Baskh from the Luton Islamic Centre #WeStandTogether to embrace diversity”

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