Tuesday, December 15, 2015

France: Watch Arab man spewing out his hatred of Jews (video)

JSS New reports:

The incident took place on the Paris-Melun commuter train on December 7.at 9:30 p.m.. Eight young Jews identifiable by their clothes were verbally abused by a 51-year-old man of Algerian descent (in his own words). This type of incident is far from unusual in France but is seldom reported.

People in the carriage were very upset. The man aggressively addressed a lady outraged by the sheer viciousness of his antisemitism.

The man got out of the train at Villeneuve Saint-Georges, where he claimed he resides. It's up to the police to find him before he puts his words into practice, i.e. to kill as many Jews as possible.

He went on and on about the Jews (not Zionists) calling them: 
Bunch of motherfucker bastard Jews 
Bunch of sons of a bitch 
Bunch of bastard Jews 
Filthy race 
If only I had a fragmentation grenade I would throw it at them
We will get you etc 
 He also got into a frenzy about Israel, claiming that Israel had recently killed 5000 Palestinian babies.

In short, an ordinary scene in Paris.

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