Monday, April 13, 2015

Belgium: Knack Magazine encourages antisemitism

A recent report by Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of using child labor in West Bank.   Knack Magazine, like many other European news outlets, posted the report.  Any possible Israeli infraction is of great interest to Europeans.

As expected, this was met on their Facebook page by antisemitic attacks on Jews and Israel.

"Yet more proof that there are people who don't learn from their own history"

"If these kids come home at the end of their day with all their organs, they should count themselves lucky"  - with a link to an antisemitic post about Israel harvesting organs from Ukrainian kids

"The Jews have experience in these things, and now they apply them to others".

"Did Bart De Wever (right-wing Flemish politician) already ask all Jews to distance themselves from this?"  - that is, just like European Muslims are expected to reject terror attacks by European Muslims.

And so forth, and so forth.  Any article about Israel and Palestine encourages online hate and incitement against Jews by people who see no shame in it.

Most European media outlets let such comments stay forever, because they see no shame in it either.

European Jews cannot read any article about Israel without feeling attacked.  If the media doesn't do it, the online comments do it for them.

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