Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Germany: Hamas-Conference in Berlin

Lets be clear, the conference scheduled on 25th April in Berlin is not a pro-Hamas gatherhing. It is a meeting of major Hamas-organisations in Europe itself. The organisations behind this conference are mentioned in the official propaganda-poster:

·         The Palestinian Return Center (PRC), the most important Hamas-organisation in Europe, which is operating in several countries.
·         The Palästinensische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland (Palestinian Communion in Germany), the German Hamas-Front, which was already involved in the Hamas-conference in Wuppertal/Germany 2011.
·         The Palestinians in Europe Conference another major Hamas-organisation in Europe, which is operating inter alia in Austria and Germany. Its seat is in Austria.

The gathering is titled the 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe. Palestinians in Europe and the Palestinian National-Project.“ It will be held in the Arena Berlin a huge event compound at the river Spree. Speakers aside of Hamas will include European politicians, the vice chairman of AKP Yasin Aktay is also expected. As in last conferences the leadership of the Muslimbrotherhood in Europe will also attend the gathering, though it is not mentioned in the offical announcement, to obscure the true nature of this conference. The Muslimbrotherhood in Europe is organized in the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE). Former conferences included scores of Anti-Semitic posters.

While many news describe the conference as pro-Hamas event, in order to support Hamas terror against Israel, one has to understand, that Hamas and Muslimbrother front organisations are not just supporting terror with money and propaganda. In fact Muslimbrotherhood and Hamas fronts have an European agenda too and are heavily involved in the indoctrination of Muslims youths and the organisation of Anti-Zionist activities, which, as we saw in last summer, more and more escalate into open attacks on Jews in Europe. Muslimbrotherhood and Hamas are part of the same network, many important Anti-Zionist avtivities in Europe are organized by these organisations in alliance with AKP-front organisations, Milli Görüs (a Turkish antisemitic movement) and other Islamic extremist organisations. These organisations bear a direct responsibilty for the escalation of Anti-Semitism in Europe. They are well entrenched in politics, supported and protected by politicans.

The head of the Palestinians in Europe Conference is Adel Abdallah aka Adel Doghman. Doghman was the head of the Palestinensische Vereinigung in Österreich (Palestinian Association in Austria), which was designated 2003 by the US as a terrorist organisation. The successor organisation of the Association is the Koordinationsforum zur Unterstützung Palästinas (Coordination Forum in Support of Palestine), which has strong ties to Austrian politicians. The Coordination Forum is deeply entreched in the Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich (IGGiÖ - Islamic Denomination in Austria) the official and legal body of Islamic organisations in Austria. Austrian politicians and antifascist organisations decided to turn a blind eye on the fact that all major Anti-Semitic events in Austria are not organized by Nazis but the IGGiÖ. As in Austria you will find Hamas and Muslimbrother fronts (for example the Union des organisations islamiques de France - UOIF in France) as major players in the radicalisation of Muslims in Europe and as in Austria no one will dare to confront these organisations. So there incitement and radicalisation program will go on and bear its results.
Adel Doghman (Hamas) middle, Fuat Sanac (Milli Görüs), head of the IGGiÖ, at the right

Ismail Haniya and Adel Doghman

Anas Schakfeh (Syrian Muslimbrotherhood, former head of IGGiÖ) left,
Heinz Fischer (Austrian president) handshake with Adel Doghman,
behind Omar al-Rawi (IGGiÖ, senior Austrian politician of the social democrats)

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