Thursday, April 16, 2015

Norway: Labour youth leader says Jews use Old Testament to commit ethnic cleansing

h/t MIFFNorway, Israel and the Jews

Kai Steffen Østensen is a local leader for the AUF (Labour youth organisation) at Vest-Agder.

He recently came home from a trip to the West Bank and posted about his experiences.  I'll sum up: Jews are evil, they didn't learn from the Holocaust.

I won't repeat every piece of hate nonsense this guy has to say, but just a few choice quotes:
  • "The truth is that the Jews who were once ethnically cleaned by the Nazis - today many of them are responsible for the modern world's worst ethnic cleansing."
  • "I have looked evil in the eye and I've seen how Israel used the Old Testament for political, administrative and military colonization of what was once a holy place.  Now the country is Hell on earth for a few millions.  I can say it, because I've seen it, and because I'm pro-Palestine".

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