Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UK: Mira Bar-Hillel says Jews are exaggerating antisemitism

Via Campaign Against Antisemitism UK:
Mira Bar-Hillel wrote on Monday on her personal blog that rising antisemitism is a myth invented by the Community Security Trust (CST) as a ruse to perpetuate its own existence. Bar-Hillel has previously said “Am I prejudiced against Jews? Alas, yes.”

Bar-Hillel writes that there was “only” one antisemitic incident resulting in grievous bodily harm in 2014, the year that antisemitic incidents reached the highest level in the 30 years since incident statistics began to be recorded. She is unimpressed by 81 cases of less gruesome physical attacks which did not result in grievous bodily harm and goes on to say that the other antisemitic incidents, numbering over 1,000 “were not even assaults”.

Clearly Bar-Hillel believes that antisemitism does not count unless a Jew is physically attacked, and even then we should only worry if the result is "grievous bodily harm", the legal definition of any extremely serious wounding that falls short of murder.

Bar-Hillel goes on to claim that some of the non-physical antisemitic incidents should not even count as antisemitism. Referring to an incident in which “Jews kill Palestinian babies” was daubed on a pavement, Bar-Hillel writes “...it was factually correct. And it was certainly not a crime, more a report of a crime” using the example to claim that CST “sexed up” the stats.  more

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