Friday, April 17, 2015

European Media: Jews exploit Palestinian children

European media like to point out after every Muslim attack on European Jews that the poor offender just got confused between 'Jews' and 'Israelis'.

What the media forgets to mention is that they themselves aren't clear on that point.  In fact, many times, when reporting about those evil Israelis, they make it quite clear to their readers that the problem is not all Israelis, but very specifically the Jews.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) recently posted a report saying that Israeli settlers were using Palestinian child labor.  This report was widely reported by the European media. As UK Media Watch pointed out, the HRW report used a picture of a Palestinian child working on a Palestinian farm.  But the media aren't interested in Palestinian child labor, they are only interested in telling their readers that Israel is pure evil.  Their readers understand that, and that's reflected in the quite expected comments to every such article.

The report itself does not state the words "Jewish settlers".  That did not bother the European media from pointing out to their readers that it is indeed the Jews, and not just Israelis, that are persecuting the Palestinians.

It should also be noted that while the media positions Jews vs. Palestinians, they don't usually emphasize that Palestinians are Muslims.  We wouldn't want to incite against Muslims, right?

Belgium  - VRT Headline, "Jewish colonists put Palestinian children to work"

Germany - Zeit article (via AFP) "HRW condemned... the employment of Palestinian children in farms run by Jewish settlers".

Norway - NRK article:  "HRW calls Israel to stop using Palestinian child-laborers in Jewish settlements"  (this is followed by a quote from HRW that only mentions Israel, not Jews!)

Poland - Radio Poland headline: "HRW: Jewish settlers put Palestinian children to work"

United Kingdom - Telegraph article:  "Around 4,500 Jewish settlers and 60,000 Palestinians live in the Jordan Valley region, a 75-mile long strip of land abutting the River Jordan."

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