Friday, April 17, 2015

Sweden: Scared parents pull kids from Malmo school

Via the Jewish Chronicle:
More and more parents are taking their children out of Malmo's only Jewish pre-school following the terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.

Currently, 32 children are enrolled in the pre-school but, by the autumn, only 17 are expected to remain, which means one of two departments within the school will need to close down, it has been reported.

Jehoshua Kaufman, president of the Malmo Jewish community in southern Sweden, told Sydsvenskan that security concerns were not the only reason why parents are taking their children out of the pre-school, but that at least four or five children are leaving solely for that reason.

"I'm very worried about the future," said Mr Kaufman. "We are devastated. The pre-school is the foundation of the community's activities. This is the future generation."

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