Thursday, April 16, 2015

UK: Antisemitic emails sent to Bournemouth's Labour councillors.

Via The Daily Echo:
POLICE have questioned a man after a racist email was received by Bournemouth's Labour councillors.

A spokesman for the force said it was investigating the origin of the email, sent to cllrs Ben Grower, Dennis Gritt and Beryl Baxter, which comprised a short anti-semitic comment referring to Labour leader Ed Milliband, who is Jewish.

Cllr Grower, who is Jewish, told the Daily Echo he had reported the email, which he claimed originated with a supporter of political party Ukip.


Councillor Dennis Gritt said he had been "horrified" by the email, but had deleted it immediately believing it to be junk.

"I get a lot of junk mail and rubbish like that, I just deleted it and forgot all about it," he said.

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