Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Belgium: Antisemitic journalist rants that Jewish lobby prevented her from getting award

Saskia Van Nieuwenhove, a Flemish antisemitic journalist previously featured on this blog, is now upset that her antisemitism is costing her.

Last year Van Nieuwenhove was nominated for an award from the Flemish Youth Council.   She won in the public votes, but got turned down by the jury. 

Some of the jury members told her that there were pressured by the Jewish site Joods Actueel (which she called the "Joods Actueel Lobby"), who threatened to besmirch the Youth Council itself if they chose an antisemite.

Of course, Van Nieuwenhove  is shocked, shocked, shocked that she could possibly be called an antisemite.  She LOVES Jewish kids.

In fact, it doesn't matter what nationality people are: Belgian, Congolese, Jewish, Moroccans, Pakistani, Chinese...   (I think she's also racist....  we are talking about Belgian Jews after all.  Aren't all these people Belgian as well?).

For a year she kept silent.  But now she decided to speak up so that the public would know that anti-Zionists are harassed by some people in the Jewish community.

This is what Van Nieuwenhove considers "anti-Zionism".  A stereotypical and creepy Jewish guy controlling Obama and the UN.   Van Nieuwenhove posted this with the warning "Sleep well, Europe".

It is important to note, that while she wasn't chosen for the award, the general public thought she deserved it.   Belgians want to honor people who hate Jews.  And then they wonder why Jews don't feel 'at home'.

h/t Nathan.

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