Monday, August 17, 2015

UK: Israel omitted but Palestine included on chain store globe

Great sense of humour.  The globe where Israel does not feature is, according to the retailer, a “great novel stationery product perfect for any school or university student”.

Breitbart reports (Via Elder of Ziyon):

A novelty globe sold at Poundland shops in the UK and Ireland displays “Palestine” where the State of Israel should be featured. The £1 Mini Globe, described as a “unique desk accessory” was bought at a London branch of the budget chain store on Kilburn High Street.

Jewish News reports the flawed geographic aid is also featured on the Poundland website. There it is promoted by the cut-price retailer as being a great novel stationery product perfect for any school or university student– although presumably not one wanting to gain a rudimentary knowledge of actual real-life geography such as the existence and location of the State of Israel.

“The globe features a key on the underside which includes a number of countries including Israel. However, we are investigating the product further with our supplier to determine if improvements could be made. We would like to thank the customer for bringing this issue to our attention.”

No explanation has been given as to why the novelty children’s globe, distributed by Birmingham-based company H&O, endows Palestine with full nation state status rather than Israel.  Read more.

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