Monday, August 31, 2015

Israel: Jordan desecrated Jewish graves, Ha'aretz justifies it

 Ha'aretz reports about a discovery of desecrated Jewish graves in Jerusalem:
Smashed headstones from Jewish graves dating back about a century were discovered in a salvage dig in East Jerusalem.

The gravestones were apparently taken from the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and repurposed for construction, during the 1960s, when Jordan controlled east Jerusalem. postulates the archaeologist handling the salvage dig, Ya'acov Billig for the Israel Antiquities Authority. Jordan wanted to expand the road and build a gas station on the mountain, he explains – though the project ultimately fell through because of the Six-Day War.

Note that Ha'aretz rushes to justify this desecration:

Nor is it rare for ancient gravestones, and other building materials, to be repurposed over the thousands of years people have been building in the region.

Jewish graves have been 're-purposed' by the Nazis and by the Soviets as well.  These governments didn't need the building materials.  They did it in order to insult and abuse the memory of dead Jews.

Why is Ha'aretz justifying antisemitism?

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