Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sweden: Nazi pro-Palestinian graffiti declares "No Jews or Gypsies"

Antisemitic graffiti discovered in the city of Malmo is stirring the web and the local Jewish community. Today (Wednesday) an inscription found outside a branch of the supermarket chain Coop and near a Jewish community neighborhood said in Swedish and English that the entrance to the store is "for Swedes only, no Jews or Gypsies." Also written in Swedish was the sentence "Palestine, Allah the Lord is with you," and swastika.

The Director of the Jewish youth organization of Sweden, Petra Kahn Nord, posted online a picture of the antisemitic image  and received dozens of comments and shares. "I got the picture from a friend in Malmo who did not want to be identified. He is afraid to be attacked if he will be known to have spread it," she said today to NRG.

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