Thursday, August 13, 2015

France: Cartoon accuses Israel of apartheid and child killing

The French are absolutely obsessed with Israel and Jews. Once again they show their passion for Palestinians.  Everyday the French find a cause for "indignation" against Israel and the Jews. 

Victor Perez writes about this cartoon by Jacques Tard published in Libération illustrating an article entitled "Jacques Tardi, My indignation".  Tardi wraps up the article saying that he will not be intimidated by the accusation of antisemitism.  He says that the accusation doesn't work any more.  The French, like him, have the right to criticise a country that violates international law every day. One just wonders if he is "indigné" by the bombing of the Kurds by Turkey.  Or the way the Saudis and the Qataris behave. Or the way the Europeans treat the Roma.  Or the persecution or Christians and other minorities in Muslim counrtries.  But that's a totally different ball game.  "Indigation" is a highly selective operation.

Say No to Tel Aviv sur Seine!  Apartheid summer-beach 2015.
Summer-Gaza 2014
2200 dead of which 550 children

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