Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UK: Jeremy Corbyn supports elimination of Israel, demands all terrorists be released

Jeremy Corbyn, top Labour candidate, is a supporter of Al-Quds Day, the annual event the antisemitic Iranian regime dedicated for calling to eliminate Israel.

His supporters would like me to think that he's so naive he thought this was just about 'supporting the Palestinians'.   It up to me to prove that al-Quds is all about destroying Israel.  Because Iran saying so is just not enough for people.

A right-wing politicians who dares smile at a Nazi will be branded an antisemite.  But a left-wing politician who supports anti-Jewish terror groups?  It's all about national liberation, mate.  It has nothing to do with JEWS.

Corbyn is rabidly and publicly 'anti-Zionist'.  His supporters claim that does not mean he wishes to destroy Israel.  And yet he comes to an event where slogans such as "Zionism must go" are chanted together with "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free".  How naive do you need to be?  

This is from the 2012 al-Quds Day event in London:

More from Richard Millet here.

In this speech from that event, Corbyn demands the release of Palestinian terrorists.

Speaking of the Palestinian men who "have experienced the inside of Israeli jails" he says that those who "took on the strike, eventually managed to gain their freedom in exchange for Corporal Shalit...  We make demands of the release of political prisoners."

Because for Corbyn, there is no such thing as a Palestinian terrorist.  The prisoners released in the Shalit deal already killed six Israelis.  But they'll remain 'political' forever.

In fact, he encourages terrorism.  "Peace will not come by solidarity with Western governments... it will come by our solidarity and their action".

Anshel Pfeffer wrote of his impressions of that day in London:
For a start, the shouting was not against the ”occupation,” as it normally is at such events, which can be interpreted as regarding just the West Bank and Gaza. Here the calls were much more explicit - ”Borders back to ’48 - No such thing as a Zionist state,” a chirpy young man with a wireless microphone lead the chanting. Another rhyming slogan ended with the refrain “enjoy your last few days.”

This is what Corbyn supports.  Claiming this is not antisemitic would be laughable, except that Jews are paying with their lives for talk like this.

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