Tuesday, August 11, 2015

UK: Nazi propoganda acceptable on British media

Via stuff.co.nz:
Two satirists have proven just how much you can get away with in the comments section of a news website by quoting famous pieces of Nazi propaganda.

Twitter users BestoftheMail and DMReporter, who target British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail, were sick of seeing hateful and inappropriate comments on articles about migration in Europe.
As an experiment, they decided to comment on articles with slightly altered Nazi quotes, in most cases replacing the word "Jew" with "migrant".

Shockingly, they found their contributions received numerous "upvotes" on the website - which meant readers supported their comments.

Maybe they would have been more shocked if they'd just left the 'Jew' in there.   There's a hidden assumption here that antisemitic comments in British (and European) media are immediately taken care of.   Sadly, that is far from the case.  That is true for both straight-out antisemitic comments and definitely for comments about Zionists.

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